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The Extended French Program at Brighton PS begins in grade 5. It prepares students for the Extended French program at our local high school. At the elementary level, the program includes the study of French as a second language and the study of at least one other subject taught in French.  The subjects are selected from the arts, social studies (Grades 1 to 6) or history and geography (Grades 7 and 8), mathematics, science and technology, and health and physical education.  In grades 5 and 6, French is the language of instruction for 50% of the time and for 40% of the time in grade 7 and 8. 

At the secondary school level, students in Extended French take four (4) French credit courses plus three (3) additional credits taught in French. Students who complete the seven (7) secondary courses including four (4) French course receive a Kawartha Pine Ridge Extended French Certificate.  Students who leave the Extended French Program prior to full completion of the seven (7) courses receive an “Attestation des cours” indicating the titles of the courses completed.

At Brighton Public School, we have special events such as Carnival and Chef à l’école. Each June, we also have a “Welcome Day” to invite students registered to start in the upcoming September. 

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